by Pleasure Wound

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released January 10, 2015



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Pleasure Wound Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Cosigned to the Flames of Woe.
"Consigned to the flames of woe"

Hands up don't shoot

To protect and serve
We watched and observed the execution of the weak.
Put wings on pigs, and watch them pray amens your god can't stop the hate. The oppressed finally speak.

Put wings on pigs
Now they know we are pissed.

All the emptiness we need to clean this mess. Reclaim the streets this world is full of shit.
We need trust no cops, racist pieces of pork cut the fat its time to live free

I am not afraid to protect myself in anyway.
Track Name: Sunshine For Shady People
Sunshine for shady people

I'm tired of being afraid
stressed out everyday
First a sniff, and then a gram
Killing time to wear me down
blue tiles, abstract
What ever I have done to deserve this, blessed.
The bullshit reasons that got me pissed, can't find myself to understand

I can't stand your point of view
Its a sad story and ride on back
Its never new shame on you
And I've tried yes I have.

I'm tired of bullshit
Everyday everyday
Bullshit its on the wall
I'm in trouble of being exposed
Proved it with my friends and still no end still no rest
Track Name: Positive thoughts for negative people.
You can walk the walk
And you love to talk
But don't bring that negative vibe around me
Positive thoughts negative people
Negative thoughts positive people

And we sit and see what bothers thee all ur depression cause by your privileged lifestyle.
Stopping crying you will never understand.
Stop trying go out and seek some friends
Track Name: Wet with hate
Wet with hate

I'll give you another chance
Go ahead try again
Unreasonable hate
Don't point the finger this late
I can't say what's full of hate
But we already known across the world
And you say my name again
Your so quick to whine and defend

Wet with hate.
Every day i use my imagination
Feeling guilty by imitations
That's my feelings down in the ditch I got it bottled inside already to miss.
And you can pass it along hoping to get inside my head
I planted it along and passed it to my friends

Wet with hate
Wet with hate
Wet with hate
Wet with hate